NYS DEC Hunting and Outdoor Safety

What a wild weekend so far.

The pigs are gone. I buried the entrails. Bonnie spent quite a bit of time hosing things down and cleaning up the barn.

My hunting safety course is over. The lessons and lectures included, simulated hunting in the woods for turkeys and deer (very effective), target shooting, survival training, hunter [sportsman] ethics (desperately needed), Game care [field dressing, etc] and of course gun safety.

One of our instructors was stuck by a deer slug in his neck in 2002. He is very lucky to be alive. He did all the right things. He was still shot.

I feel a little different.

This is the first time we have raised an animal for food. And coincidentally; at the same time, we are changing professor's (Mr. alpha llama) dressings for the surgery's deep wound on his foot. It is all meat, Human, Llama, Pig, Hunter.


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