MetalWorld -- Scrap Metal Recycling Section

I went to the scrap yard today. I got about 60 bucks for the crap that would normally be thrown away. It is a new scrap yard. I have never been to it before. They were pleasant (for a scrap yard) and fair (for a scrap yard). I did a few other things. I am making a auto waterer for the pigs, I boiled down more birch sap, lubed the tractor...22 grease fittings, all in impossible spots. I think I relaxed a little too. Marv and his wife Donna came over to meet the professor and his freinds. I took them for a drive around the property and showed them our world. It was nice.

Fauna is not better, only worse. She did not come out of her house today. We are waiting to hear back from Cornell on whether they want her for research.

The chicks are happy. The weather was great. It was a day off.


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