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The weather has been great for the last couple of days. It is highly appreciated. We have professor wearing a halter now!. He has bad breath we realized last night... ohh llama-breath..yuk. The picture below shows Artemis eating some dessert grasses that Susan Spear donated to the llamas. Artemis (not normally a big eater) grabed a big bunch and did a grunt to indicate his pleasure and dominion over the grass. Tioga is our big barn cat that keep the critters under control. Click pic for video
The llamas are having fun. You can see a 10 foot by 10 foot training area I made. We are making good progress. I managed to get a little llama dance on video. They bound very high sometimes when they do their impish dance. I will get a more dramatic dance at some point. Click on the pic of artemis for video.
I think I am back. I have taken a lot of photos and I will be taking more in the future so please stop back. Movie getting diploma
My computer is still running. However, I still have to set my my ftp tool for uploads of photos. Dennis McCarthy came down for hunting and fishing. I have a lot of photos I need to post. The llamas are well. I built a 10 by 10 training pen. We have a regimen for pack training. We like them alot. The llamas are a lot of fun.
I have my machine up and running again. Everything seems to be ok. I am still installing software to get full functionality but I am getting closer. I lost all my internet bookmarks. I had forgotten to back those up. I had some good ones too. I had some some obscure sites that I may never find again. Oh Well. Douglas graduated from Clarkson last weekend. We are very proud. We were up there for graduation. I will be posting some photos of that event soon. Dennis McCarthy is coming down this weekend to try hunting some turkeys. We will see. It should be a lot of fun. The llamas are well. I had a pasture mowed. Now I have to get some fence up. I will be posting some more pics soon.
Well I am back. I lost little data. You will always looose something though. It takes time to get the machine the way it was. Hopefully it is better now. It was not shutting down well before. The registry was kinda messy. Now I have a 20 Gig and a 40 Gig drive in the machine. I expect that to be the last upgrade for this box. I don't need the fastest most powerful machine. The Satelite Internet link is my bottle neck. Last weekend Bonnie and I went to visit Bob and DJ McCullough in the next town over to see their baby pygmy goats. They are fun. I will post a pic as soon as I rediscover my passwords for the ftp connection to the server.
My hard drive gave up the ghost!!>! I am blogging from my work computer. Unfortunately, I only have one computer at home so I cannot get my email etc. I am still trying to get everything situated with teh new hard drives. These things take time if you are attempting to save data. I apoligize for all the emial that has gone unanswered.
The Dowdell Farm, Berkshire N.Y. The office is an absolute mess here at home. I have disk drives hanging out of the computer chassis and disks and cds strewn about. I have the main disk drive backed up now. I am pissed though, some how I only got half of the 20 gig drive formated. I am still thinking about what to do next with the computer here. What a mess!!!! At this point I have lost no data. I am hesitant to embark on an ebay deal though, since my computer infrastructure is not solid. The llama chute will be done tommorow. I have combined ideas from several designs and I plan on making detailed drawings of my rendition. I have designed it so I can move it around with the bobcat and load it into my truck with the bobcat by myself. The animals are very happy. We touch them more and more and I can can hang on to professor and aries for long periods of time. Their nails will be trimmed soon and their new pasture will be ready soon as well. I have a 15 foot brush hog in the driv