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I asked my friend in Japan whjat christmas is like there. His Answer:

Generally very commercialized. But we do it at home like we always did in the States. Unfortunately, Dec. 25 is a working day here, so we will be celebrating this weekend. Having some friends over Saturday for our yearly drink-a-thon, then Sunday Motoko's family comes over for a turkey dinner, and we do present exchange, etc. There's a strip of road with nice shops in Harajuku which is lined on either side with trees, and for a few weeks this time of year they light up the entire street. HUGELY popular spot for young couples. I guess it's a crime (or it simply means I'm a pervert) for a man to be walking around the women's fashion floor of a department store over here. I always but Motoko gifts, often clothing. You should see the looks I get and the comments I hear... dayum... I think most fathers here think their single contribution to the family Christmas is a cake. Lazy bastards. We have a small artificial tree, and we hang garlands around the living room, very festive atmosphere. Our favorite season (though neither Eric nor Motoko like the cold as much as I do). What are you guys up to for the holidays? Going anywhere? NOST


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