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lista de precios de artículos It is a great fall day today. The leaves crackle beneath your feet as you walk. There is a slight chill to the gentle breezes and the smells.... the smells are like pumpkin pie, new clothes, and all the feelings of the fall season rolled into one. The deer think it is an excitible time too. I nearly clobbered two bucks this morning on my way to get the paper. First I saw a doe run in front of me... and I slowed way down. Then two bucks came bustling out of the brush after the doe. Luckily, the first deer warned me about the other ones on their way. I had plenty of time to stop and watch the bucks pass in front of me.
New Scientist - News, jobs and more from the leading weekly science magazine Quietly carry on as a believer, the untrustworthy and insincere will expose themeselves in due course. --Charlie Dowdell
MailStart - Your Email Anytime, Anywhere This is a great site. It allows you to easily check our email account from a different server. I find it to be one of those web things that "goes right.". I am still monkeying around with my job situation. I want this to all be over. They are still waiting on a signature for the counter offer here. I absolutely do not want to have to "change my mind" When I announce what I am doing, that will be it, no changes after that. A comittment will be made.
New Scientist: Plasma magic The negotiations go on. PTI has to give me some better numbers based on a very sketchy contract about tuition reimbursement. Hopefully, all this will be done in a couple of days and I can strat concentrating on work again (whereever it is). This is going to start wearing on me. I have an internal Interview today. It is the second one for this position. I have a job offer from the other company that expires tomorrow. It is an exciting time to be sure. On top of this decision tree I have a paper due on the "Bliss Classification System" and two web sites to finish for various organizations. Luckily, the speech I was doing for television has had taping postponed again this week... lucky for me. At least the siding is done on the house. It sure does look different. I fell down the basement stairs sunday morning. I didn't break anything, but I think I strained every muscle in my body. I was just trying to do too many things at once and I forgot about the basics of placing my feet appropriately on steps...DUH. Onward and upward.
Transistors Made From Single Carbon-60 Buckyballs This article is astonishing. It is in regards to advances of information at the molecular level, the way nature does things.
Slashdot: News for nerds, stuff that matters I sure have a lot of work to do at work. I can't remember having this many projects hot all at the same time. It is an incredible work load. Sometimes I can't help think about the saying... "It is a scientific impossiblity that the bumblebee can fly. The bee violates the rules of aeronautics, and other scientific disciplines. However, the bee does not understand those scientific principles. Therefore it flys."
Home Page I should be working on my paper but I am not. I received a job offer today and I am really preoccupied with the decisions surrounding the offer. I received the Henry Bliss book from my Aunt today. It is fabulous. The poetry is fantastic! There is a quote as the frontispiece. It reads as follows: "If science be regarded as organized knowledge and philosophy as organized thought, grounded on scientific knowledge, tho extending beyond it to speculative realms, the structural organization for knowledge and thought which has been outlined... may be regarded as the logical fabric of a microcosm, mental, intellectual, and scientific, which is consistant with and correlative to the intrinsic physical organization of the cosmos, the macrocosm. Henry E. Bliss I love it. This is a great quote.
Kim H Bliss Here is a neat article of a recurring theme I find my self considering. I mean where does technology end and science begin? Where is that table where philosophy, science, technogy and human existance all come to eat?
Cannot find server This gets me. I can't figure out why my blogger doesn't always work. I can see the file there. It just won't open sometimes.
Performance Technologies: Carrier-Grade Telecom and Networking Products/Protocols (SS7, Signaling Gateways, IP, Ethernet, T1/E1/J1, T3/DS3, V.35, CompactPCI, PCI) I am showing Dave the logger function on my website.
newslog I have been working on getting the POC website squared away. I am doing this for free, but there is certainly no good in saying I will do it unless I actually find time to do the work. At least we have the new host set up.
Internaut The above link is a good little story about the development of some of the first PC networking software. Unsung heros abound.
R News: News Front - Monday, October 09, 2000 Here is a quote I came up with thinking about my current situation at work: " There are only two different ways to form relationships with others and to form cultural norms. One method is to suppress, limit, oppress, disregard or stifle. The other method is to inspire, encourage, listen and collaborate. There is no in between." Charlie Dowdell >
Home Page I had kind of a crummy day at work today. I am glad it is over. The agenda tommorow is as follows: Load truck and head down to Greg's house. Meet Greg at 6:45. Load truck some more. Head to scrap metal yard. Sell scrap metal. Have breakfast, I am having steak and eggs. We are then heading to Doug's house. Since he had back surgery and she (shann) broke her leg, I figured we could help these two out on the their farm. I hear we have to move some heavy equipment around, close the pool and perhaps a few other things. After that, I have to practice my speech for 6:00 pm delivery at the Toastmasters area 6 contest. I hope I win, but it is fine if I don't. It is tough competition. I still may have some time to work on the house, I got the J-channel I needed for upstairs Friday afternoon. There are so many things to do. Arrgghh/..
I had an job interview yesterday (the second one) things seem pretty good. We will have to wait and see where this goes. I scoped out a couple of old mills in the country as well. I located the Solon Pond Mill (in my book) and the Smithfield Flats Mill (not in my book). The Smithfield one is a large mill with a very good sized wood dam. It appeared to be in reasonable condition, albeit wood construction. It is definately a cool place. I took a few digital photos.
Home Page I decided what my term project will be on.. for my "Theory of Classification" class. I am going to work on the classification of junk! I have the experience, the interest... the junk! My most recent experience with hamfest junk lead me to believe that this is the topic for me. Stay tuned.
Home Page The Elmira hamfest was yesterday. I loaded up the truck on thursday night which took about 3 hours. Greg Mills and I left Rochester for the hamfest and it took about 2.5 hours to get to Elmira. We set some stuff up then went to this weird chicken place. The layout was weird, the people were weird. It looked like a setting for the begining of an X-file program or something. The chicken was dry. VERY disappointing. I like to try weird places... often they have great food, not in this case however. The hamfest went off after I got 4 hours of sleep in a tent. There was thick frost when I got up and people started buying stuff at 5:30 am. We packed up and went home about 3 pm. All in all it was a good time. <br