I had a chat with a info-type person on email and I produced the following paragraph that belongs here.

This industry that we are talking about (that really doesn't even have a name yet).. is the future similar to the industrial revolution. The use of information is the future. There are cultural issues, technical issues, economic issues all culminating around a core set of ideas. I am excited (can you tell?).

At lunch, Greg Mills and I went and looked at the bridge that was hit by a truck. Actually, a truck carrying an excavator (with the boom not lowered well enough) smashed into the bridge in Genesee Valley park over I-590. One of the I-beams (6 or 8 foot high) was bent by 2 feet. I am glad I wasn't close by when it happened. I can only imagine what the manager said to the driver of the truck. "Why don't you take tomorrow off" or something just as catchy perhaps.


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