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Welcome to Wegmans Food Markets Inc. We went to Wegmans in Pittsford today for lunch. They have a great selction of tasty sandiwiches and and sushi and all sorts of other interesting foods. When we were there, a gentlemen was overcome and an ambulance crew tried to revive him. I am unsure what happened to him. It was weird watching all these people gather their lunches and poke around the food with this guy fighting for his life. It is a weird culture we live in. What a contrast in the same scene.
Home Page We had dinner at Mom's tonight. We had meatloaf, and some other interesting items. Where has all the time gone. I am old now.
eBay - Your Personal Trading Community I had my community TV producer's training this evening. We went over the Camera controls, Super VHS. The cameras are kinda cool. Big fancy camcorders. I am looking forward to producing some stuff on the TV. Someone at work gave me a half a dozen Estes Rocket Catalogs from the the 1970s. I suspected they were collectible... and it appears they are. There may be over a hundred dollars there. He said he didn't want a cut unless the price gets over 5000 dollars. These kind of people make my day. Things moved OK on ebay this week for me. It is incredible exposure. There is no other way to market something so small to so many for so little. A friend of mine at work told me today his wife broke her leg. That would be bad enough but, he is still getting over back surgery. He is in a back brace. They have 4 kids. I told hime if he needs me to move anything.. just let me know I'll come over.
Syracuse University I have homework to do today. I also have to work on the house. Drywall (my favorite) BAH! The Elmira hamfest is next weekend. That should be a lot of fun. Doug McManus and Greg Mills and I are going down Friday night and camping out. I have to load the truck to the gills on Thursday night. I will have to remember to get a photo of the truck all loaded up. The new computer is working well. I just spent some time mucking around with the network here at home so douglas can use the printer hooked to my machine. I will be doing alot more screwing around with the network stuff sonn enough. The Linksys Router/switch I bought is definately cool. It is amazing that the functionality that thing has recently cost thousands of dollars. The linksys box cost 150 bucks. Amazing.
Performance Technologies is a global supplier of telecommunications and networking products We had a meeting at work this morning regarding the new building they plan on building. They were originally going to build just up the street but I guess the lease holders aren't happy about the detention center planned to be built adjacent to our site. The mayor is supposed to sho up here Monday. I guess he is going to try and ply management. They are planning a two story building. I have suggested to them that for a team environment, two stories would not be best. I just have a feeling that I will be stationed on the ground floor while the people who have important things to do will be on the second floor. As a technical writer for over 10 years, I am so incredibly sick of other employees considering my job as secondary or fluff. They consider information as a "fill" or "something nice to offer our customers". These people don't understand that infor
Well I forgot to log that I did win my speech contest at the club level. I participated alone. Now it is on to the Area Competition, Area 6 that is. I expect approximately 60 or so people to attend. I hope I can be funny. I taped my last effort... listening to it, I can see that I need to relax a little more. No one thinks a person is funny if they seem uptight. Cheese is the word of the day. I am working on a class assignment on the classifications of cheese. It is very interesting. I only left a few cheese books in the main library in rochester, just a few. Just thinking about all that great cheese makes me reach for the fibercon.
I have an internal interview at work today, for a marketing position. I am curious, to say the least. I got all my computer parts together last night and got it up and running. It is nice to have a big 19 inch screen at home. I have a lot more stuff to do to get the network the way I want it and get my development environment set up. It lokks like my "Theory of Classification" class is finally starting to go.
I have to give my humorous speech tonight. The title is "goals." If I win at the club level I then give the speech at the area level next month. It is kind of fun and kind of stressful.
The brew club Oktoberfest was a lot of fun yesterday. I ate 5 dozen clams, bratwurst, a few different chilis and of course some very good beed, mead and barley wine. All in all, it was a good time. I am kinda tired today. There certainly isn't much activity in my distance class at SU. They seem to be having server problems again. I have a speech to write (humorous), attend TV production training, buy snow tires, plan for tommorow's toastmaster meeting, go to the library to return books, and do homework.
I am going to take it easy this weekend. Bonnie and I are going to an antique store and a used book store. I will also do some homework (classifications systems research) and get some stuff listed for sale on ebay. Sunday it turns out is the brew club oktoberfest. I think I will be going to that for a while as well. Of course, this time of year I have to work on the house. I am working on drywall and insulation in the upstairs sitting room. I am sure I am missing a few things... I am just burned out this weekend.
Performance Technologies is a global supplier of telecommunications and networking products I have been really stressing out over the last couple of days regarding work and other items of concern. It turns out the power was off Wedneday night for a reason. A car driven by Alison Christian (17) smashed into a utility pole about a mile from my house. The passenger, Krista Mileo (28) was pronounced dead at the scene. Lord help us all when we get behind the wheel. We have had our share of nasty wrecks in my neighborhood. When are we going to do something comprehensive about the fatalities caused by kids in cars? I can't remember feeling this bad in a long time.
draft-glaude-ss7-gw-00 - ALterNIC - Network Information Center - Diane Boling Here is a spec of a new standard we are working on at my day job, Performance Technologies. I have to start on a manual describing the software that is an implemetation of this spec.
Toastmasters I just remembered. I have to write and deliver a humorous speech for next tuesday. It is contest Night.
I just bought some computer stuff. I hate it. The stuff is next to worthless in just a few years. I bought a 19 in monitor from and a K6-533 machine from compaq (refurbished). ARRGhhh... Expensive anyway you slice it.
New Scientist: Forest of fear One of ideas of the new information age is that certainty must be allowed to slip behind principles. For example: When you are looking to buy a computer, by the time you find the best deal on the computer that computer is no longer the best deal.
Last night I started my first of five training sessions to obtain my Producers Certification to produce Public Access television programs. WHY? I have no idea why. I just am. For twenty dollars I am learning all sorts of neat stuff about TV production. .
IST 631 (DL): Theory of Classification and Subject Representation - WebCT 3.0.23 I just updated my online class home page. The above link will not allow access except for SU distance learning students. I have to go to UPS today to ship out some ebay stuff.
I have an interesting item on ebay I have posted for a friend. Truck
Well it is saturday Morning and I probably should be working on the house. I plan on making a large addition to my website regarding the house project that has followed me around for the last 5 years. Class is over for now. We go into distance mode for the rest of the semester. The proffessor seem good and the material looks interesting. Bonnie and I looked for old water mills to rehab/restore in chenango and surrounding counties. We found one.. but it was too far gone (besides the one that was recently torn down) the search continues. It was a busy week. I have to box up stuff that I sold on ebay this week. It is always a pain, but worthwhile.
Still in school. We worked on the ethnographic classifications today. This just in from my friend in Japan, Nostril. Boss 7 is a brand whereas 250 as you guessed is volume in ccs. The general rule to remember about canned coffee is that the smaller the can, the better the coffee. They're all too sweet, but they've gotten a lot better. And they all give you a fairly decent caffeine rush. From vending machines they go for Y120, and a tad bit less at convenience stores. With the canned coffee report, I'm Mike Deininger, TrivialNonsense, Tokyo. nOsT >What the hell is the difference between boss 7 and boss 250? Can size? >Caffine content? > > > >
I am in school today in Syracuse. The class is called "Theory of Classification Systems". Very Interesting. I will ( after a few days on campus ) go back into distance mode for the rest of the semester. My school I will be attending class three days this week on SU campus. I
FITNESSCO. Home of the PostureBall Will Rodgers quotes Eric Hoffer in saying, "In times of change the learners will inherit the earth. The knowers will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exits."
I had a chat with a info-type person on email and I produced the following paragraph that belongs here. This industry that we are talking about (that really doesn't even have a name yet).. is the future similar to the industrial revolution. The use of information is the future. There are cultural issues, technical issues, economic issues all culminating around a core set of ideas. I am excited (can you tell?). At lunch, Greg Mills and I went and looked at the bridge that was hit by a truck. Actually, a truck carrying an excavator (with the boom not lowered well enough) smashed into the bridge in Genesee Valley park over I-590. One of the I-beams (6 or 8 foot high) was bent by 2 feet. I am glad I wasn't close by when it happened. I can only imagine what the manager said to the driver of the truck. "Why don't you take tomorrow off" or something just as catchy perhaps.