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I had my community TV producer's training this evening. We went over the Camera controls, Super VHS. The cameras are kinda cool. Big fancy camcorders. I am looking forward to producing some stuff on the TV.

Someone at work gave me a half a dozen Estes Rocket Catalogs from the the 1970s. I suspected they were collectible... and it appears they are. There may be over a hundred dollars there. He said he didn't want a cut unless the price gets over 5000 dollars. These kind of people make my day.

Things moved OK on ebay this week for me. It is incredible exposure. There is no other way to market something so small to so many for so little.

A friend of mine at work told me today his wife broke her leg. That would be bad enough but, he is still getting over back surgery. He is in a back brace. They have 4 kids. I told hime if he needs me to move anything.. just let me know I'll come over.


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