Sawmill, Microwave Oven and other random stuff

I have made some improvements to the sawmill, specifically designed/created these bifurcated dogs. It was suggested by a friend that the new dogs need a name. He suggested "spot" since is is denotive of being in a fixed poistion. I enjoy innovation and also the ability to fabricate or do the simple development to whatever it is that needs to get done.

The microwave oven stopped working. Since it is a built-in wall unit connected to the conventional oven, replacement would not be cheap. I has amazed at how many videos are available on how to fix microwave ovens there were on Youtube. The most amazing thing was the number of videos there were in regards to actually fixing the magnetrons themselves. The microwave is now fixed, but I opted to replace components including the 20 year old magetron, not repair the components. Fixing microwave oven magnatron.

Adulut care? Neighborhood sign. Spelling errors are just that. I understand what was intended. I also know that it affects credibility of the author/creator. information literacy.


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