Time available to finish the deck replacement

The deck replacement is complete. As usual, there are items to add and fuss over, but the structure is primarly usable and complete. The thing that kills me is that although the "new" deck looks great and is extraordinarily strong, it is a "repair". The deck is functionally the same as it was 2 months ago before I tore it out and replaced it. It didn't add any functional value to the house, just a repair. Some stats: (10) new/improved concrete footings and 4x6 posts, (6) 2x12x16 beams, (21) 2x10x10 joists, (37) 2x6x16 deck boards and lots of expensive fasteners.

I did get some help in a couple of ways.

  • I was part of a large layoff at Accuray, Inc. That freed up some of time for sure. It is really quite sad that they have good technology, great markets, a significant installed base and they still can't figure out how to stay/get profitable/solvent.

  • Vlad retured from 5 months in Russia. He helped me move a lot of the heavy lumber.


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