M998 Bought at Auction

It has been nice enjoying the coming on of Spring. The weather has been good, but a bit rainy. No oppressive heat yet. We are booking our summer vacation which is a reattempt of the Balkans trip that Covid thwarted in Dec 2021. It will be a busy trip.

I create annual objectives for myself each year and work towards them. I have some cool projects, and new directions. I am generally good at accomplishing them. When I looked at my annual goals yesterday I noticed there was nothing about new vehicles or automotive projects. I am continuing the conversation with myself in regards to why I bought a military Humvee at auction this week. I have been looking and studying the auctions and I found the right deal and I was the successful bidder. The machine was less than 2 hours away and it is already delivered. I have other categories on my objectives that the Humvee crosses into nicely such as spending more time on the farm in NY, and some business goals I have.

But after the conversation it is just a cool vehicle to own.


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