Movie Set Neighborhood

Time is moving swiftly again. We are planning the next trip up North and a million other things.

There are lots and lots of movies filmed in Georgia these days. Look at what's on the abridged list in Gwinnett county.

We had part of a movie filmed right here in my neighborhood awhile back (2 years ago). The movie debuted on Netflix yesterday (Senior Year). Probabaly not going to be an iconic cult following classic, but it was a major production. I was amazed of the amount of equipment they brought in. The climax scene (the lake house) was shot at my neighbor's. Its fun to see what the final production makes of the scenes, people, footage, etc. It is always a surprise. Here are a couple of pics we took today of stuff that is in the movie. Even the bent guard rail (knocked out by a tree) and the tree stump are still the same.


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