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The Normal Commute Between Duluth GA and Berkshire NY

We are back from Vacation. This time to the farm in NY and back. The land swap with my neighbor is complete. I now have three entrances to the farm property. I am getting someone to put in the driveway on the most recent aquisition. It was a lot of driving. I trailered a boat north and another boat south for some new friends. Boat trafficing we call it. We stopped in Washington DC (with a boat on a trailer) to see my Aunt and Sister. It was a good visit.

"Uh Oh, I don't know if it is going to fit"

I bought a 1-piece shower stall for the guest bath in this old brick house. Normally a one piece fiberglass stall of this size is for new construction only --before walls go up. I thought I might be clever in getting a 36 in x 48 in 1-piece bath stall into a bathroom measuring 54 in x 92 in. The window opening (with sashes and trim out is 36 and 1/2 inches wide). Of course it had to be rotated inside for installation. I am not sure if it was cleverness, a challenge, or needless extra effort. I hope the next remodeler enjoys this post. It made it. Barely. Only, opening the bathroom doors inside is what made it possible. My neighbor came over to help.