It has been quiet. With the Covid thing, working from home, no travel, and Angie putting in long hours, it has been exceptionally quiet. We will do something special for Angies Birthday next week.

I have to get up to NY. I am moving some property lines on my farm. I have plans for a second house on the property.

The cats continue to be a source of amusement.

I had done a lot of work to the bobcat. Afterwards I couldnt get full power out of it. It was quite frustrating. It was a good case of sticking with it over time, not giving up. It was multiple issues. But the nasty one was that I unknowingly attached an electric fuel pump up to a ignition "resistor wire" feed designed for the original points-type ignition. The ford engine didn't use a ballast resistor. They used a stupid resistor wire, undetectable in most cases. The fuel pump wasn't getting full voltage except during start. The pump ran too slow during run fast/hard operation request. It's fixed now. And yes, I am the only one I know in my suburban Atlanta neighborhood that has a skid steer.


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