I think the opening lines in "A Tale of Two Cities" has never been more true than today and what has beholden us with the pandemic. Georgia has been "open" earlier than any other state, now 2 weeks. Most restaurants are closed still, but take out is more brisk than it was a month ago. I am not seeing any changes to the reported state-by-state "body count." I am sure I am missing something unlike the folks who are sure they are not missing something.

I guess that I am trying to cope with the fact that the equivalent of a small city has died in the US from the virus (80,000). But I am also given numbers that I can't confirm. China is reporting very low numbers of deaths (5000), Russia (2000), etc. ---A source---. I don't have videos to look at like I can with the Tsunamis of 2004 (220,000) or 2011 (16,000). I didn't see a meteorite fall from the sky and explode. It is very hard to reconcile our current crisis.


  • The center of Terminal "A" Totally Empty at about 9:00PM on May 3rd in the World's busiest airport. Amazing!!
  • A full U-Haul after the cross country trip to Duluth. I am glad I didn't have to drive it.
  • The lawn it its rejuvenation phase now that it is getting regular doses of nutrient-rich lake water thanks to the new irrigation system.
  • The Honda back in its perch after its ride cross country and the new bathtub staged for installation.
  • I had some e-track powder-coated and I installed in the back of the truck. After having driven a truck for 30 years, I finally have some good hold downs and lashing points-- none to soon. I learned some about aerodynamics with stuff in the back of my truck over the years.
  • The invaders


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