We are back from a quick trip in Duluth (Georgia). We were busy and didn't take many photos. We accomplished much in three days and most of it had to do with fellow humans, not stuff. My flying club is doing great. My partners are great guys. I enjoy spending time with them. We have 4 planes now. "My" plane (N733NXE) now has more avionics and an autopilot. I did my bi-annual flight review, I am good! It was great to be in the air. I am looking for a flying club in Cali; I am saving the challenges of John Wayne airport for later. Otherwise, I got to see friends and my Brother. It felt great. I even enjoyed catching up with my Barber. Jaws dropped when I walked in there. My Brother is off with my truck and sawmill to Maine. The group photo represents Russia, France, US and Denmark. Great to see folks.


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