Back again-- again in Duluth from NY. No broadband internet at all in NY. Total crap. Rumor has it that my street is getting fiber in the next 2 months though. We will see. We did a lot more work to the house and installed hardwood floors. More trips to the scrap yard. More trips to the dump. More trips to secret tire island and more trips to the can man. It is endless.

I have been having chronic neck pain and I have been going to a Korean terrorist, I mean therapist. A pic of grace the cat. A typical redneck truck in upstate NY-- surprising it just doesn't break in half with all the tin-worm infestation. I always vote in NY, but this year I voted in person. Angie served as the local Russian interference agent in Berkshire NY. We had some business in Maryland so we visited the Antietam Civil war battleground. Interesting.

The skills and courtesy of professional truck drivers has fallen in my eyes. It gets dangerous as these guys in these huge machines hang out in the left lane, not passing and jamming up traffic for miles. They just don't seem to care that they are slowing everyone down and create much closer driving. Let us pass. Maybe they are on their phones too much.


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