In St. Thomas USVI for a few days, Vacation. High winds have kept us on the beaches and out of the airplane so far. Still hopeful that we will be flying to some Puerto Rican islands from St. Thomas before we have to return to Atlanta this weekend.

We finally made it in the air. We flew around the British Virgin Islands as well as Puerto Rican islands. It was fantastic!

We were up on the control tower at KLZU the other day as well.

The first three pics are of the same beach (Magen's Beach) from three very different angles.


Jason S. said…
Just spent an hour binge reading the past three years of your blogging. An odd experience viewing three years of someones life through that lens! I'm happy that you are doing so well. Hope to run into you sometime.
Charles said…
It has been an odd experience for me too!!

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