Spring is coming on strong here in Duluth. Between the good job, low cost of living, my house on the lake, short commute and good weather I like it here. I am having a Neighborhood party this Friday at my House. I figured it is a good way to meet my neighbors. Our Neighborhood Association has a beach on the lake, a swimming pool, clubhouse and events of different types including CLIFs, (Cardinal Lake its Friday).

The blue trees are part of an art project the next town over. It originated in Australia. I think it will catch on and spread more and more around the world. Blue Trees

The other tree behind the glass is my orange tree that has been with me since 1997 when I took an orange seed out of my mouth during lunch, and planted it in a styrofoam cup in my office in Rochester NY. Now it is with me in Duluth, it is asking me to spend more time outside. Things sure have changed, but I enjoy my tree.


David said…
The Blue Trees link doesn't seem to be working anymore. I was interested in it and found the following link, I guess it's the website of the 'inventor' of this project: http://www.kondimopoulos.com/thebluetrees/about/

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