It has been cold and crappy here in Duluth. It got down to 30 degrees F last night and cloudy. I seem to have forgotten how much the weather can affect your mood, maybe when I was in NY I blocked it out of my mind. Even though it is the middle of winter we still have planted flowers here. It is good to remember to look at them. Since I spend a lot of my time in South it only seems appropriate that I go on a Skiing trip up North somewhere. It is in the works.

I am trying to catch up on house work and related chores over the holidays. I am going through everything deciding to keep or save and what to do with "stuff". It can be difficult to decide what to do with stuff. Sometimes it seems you are being disrespectful or something.

I have also been spending my down-time catching up on "Vice Guide to Travel" and David Choe's "Thumbs Up" Episodes on YouTube. Very entertaining. Life without fear or filters.

I have an interesting mix of travel lined up for the first third of this year. Brazil, Finland, Netherlands, Phoenix, Kansas, Missouri, Rhode Island, New York and a few other places to be sure.


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