I went to a presentation a couple of Saturdays ago by a ex navy pilot who had hundreds of combat missions in Vietnam. He had lots of photos he took from a hand held camera in the cockpit, very dramatic and never really seen before. The pilots started taking their own pics seriously to confirm damage and for intelligence since it was better than what they got otherwise. The end of the presentation focused on pilot friends who were killed, their pictures, stories and descriptions of their personalities. It was quite moving.

I am in LaGuardia airport in NYC at the moment. It was a quick trip up to NY. 4 days in NY, 2 upstate and 2 in NYC. I drove the truck up, slept in the truck when I got tired. The most interesting thing was about sleeping in the truck was realizing how much more comfortable it was sleeping in my truck in the cold temps than it is sleeping in an airline seat on an overseas flight. I slept hard in the parking lot of a car wash with temps below freezing, weird.


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