I am not going flying this weekend. I am taking it off. There sure is a lot to the notion of knowing your limits when you have a pilots license. Although there is a lot to go through to get your license there is a lot of trouble that can be found out there, for sure. I suppose that is what they want you to realize as part of the training.

My Blackberry croaked this week. It woke up dead. I went through 5 stages

  • 1.) Denial. It just didn't get charged, that's it.
  • 2.) Anger. It must have got dropped, shit. Who could have done that?
  • 3.) Bargaining. I will take the battery and the SIM card out, that'l fix it.
  • 4.) Depression. Shit, now what am I going to do. I need to check my schedule quick.
  • 5.) Acceptance. Heh. I don't feel that chain and that heavy weight around my neck, kinda feeelsss OKkkk.


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