My Portuguese (Por TOO Gayze) classes are going well. I joined a meetup group of folks who want to practice Portuguese. Very nice. It was inspiring. As someone said, "Learning a language is so empowering!"

The soup is my favorite Korean Number 5

I have been flying, I was in and around a lot of fluffy clouds today. I forgot to take pictures. It is breathtaking being around those huge pillowy things. I am in likelihood going to start my instrument and complex/hi performance training in August.

I expect to close on my house in Duluth this week. It has been a long time coming. I believe I passed the last hurdle. Foreclosures can be difficult... even for buyers.

We sold my Mothers condo in Upstate, NY. The realtor and seller's attorney didn't do a very good job and there is some additional action to make things right. They send emails, can't seem to read em.


David said…
Indeed, these 'huge pillowy things' (aka clouds) are amazing, can't stop taking pictures when I fly. Never ceases to amaze me: the shapes, the colors, the feeling of 'freedom' above the clouds.

But: clouds for me are also synonymous for some 'rough moments' when flying through them. Not that I'd be a 'chicken' in the classical meaning, but of course I prefer smooth rides :) So I am always wondering how it is when flying through a big pile of clouds with a 'small' airplane as the one you usually pilot yourself. I am thinking: if a commercial airplane shakes notably then a smaller one must not be something for the faint of heart, right?

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