I knew I might out-do myself on this most recent trip. It has been a busy-busy trip and complicated. Thankfully, I really did not have any significant travel or meeting disruptions. I am currently in NY and headed back to ATL tonight. I have been away from Atlanta for 17 days. Although, I liked the bed in one of the hotels in Italy, I am looking forward to my favorite bed in Duluth.

I am staying at Douglas and Becky's in Lisle NY. It has been pleasant. We have moved a lot off the farm into storage. It is good to see horses on the farm. There is nothing sadder than a farm without animals.

The truck front right wheel bearing is about to totally fail. I have just a couple more trips to make today. I will need a little luck, but the contingencies are coming clear. Knock on wood, I can complete my mission with it today.

Ian is shown wearing a carnavale mask from Venice Italy playing with his turtle flute from rural Argentina.

Friday I had a productive meeting in Detroit with a new business contact I have there. I also had a fantastic sushi dinner with my friend Kelly Thursday night in Royal Oaks, Michigan. Leaving Detroit I ran into an old colleague of mine from Raymond. It was an interesting encounter and dialog. It was a pretty funny and memorable encounter. It was almost like some sort of act from a stage play. It is interesting to consider that Detroit was probably the highlight of this trip in many ways.


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