I feel I would really be missing something if I didn't post SOMETHING on 11-11-11.

I am in Duluth, I am planning a solo cross country from Gwinnett County to Washington Wilkes county airport tomorrow in a Cessna 172 R model with GPS. I think Sunday is a hike day. The leaves are all turned here in Duluth. Up in the mountains they are largely falling off. I will be on the Appalachian trail. I certainly need some exercise.

My work week went pretty well, mostly successes. It is about moving multiple projects down the road. Multitasking is crazy these days. The bottom line is that my heart beats 168 hours a week. I have two hands, feet, ears and eyes. And I have one brain and one soul. There is only so much you can do.

I have been daydreaming a bit about my recent trip to Brazil. I admit it. The gas price of 2.84 Brazilian reals per liter works out to be $6.13 Gallon at today's prices. This was in the capital district of Brasilia, the equivalent of Washington DC in the US. Most places I travel outside the US gas I see gas as twice as expensive as the US.


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