It's Friday. I got back from Brazil this morning. I am in the office in the afternoon. Although the flights to and from Southern Brazil are long there is only one hour time difference. That helps a lot. The economy in Brazil is booming by 2010 standards. It has been about 17 years since I was there last. (actually, I felt like this is where I left off) A lot has changed. The food is as good and in likelihood better. There is no understating the food experience of a real Brazilian Churrascaria. They cook different kinds of meat on these swords and carve it at your table as you instruct. The variety and quality is great. The coarse rock-salt laid on the meat is multi-colored very much like Brazilian gemstones and the society itself. It is a wonderful place. I got a bit of a VIP treatment for the photo in the kitchen at one of the best Churrascarias in all of Brazil (Nabrasa in Porto Alegre). I am hoping I can get fish (and eggs) on a sword next time. That would be perfection.

Of course, it is the middle of winter in Brazil. There were complaints of the temps in the low 60s. I got a lot of work done. It is supposed to be 105 in Atlanta today, ouch.

It turned out that the reports from the folks in the ATL airport were talking about a heat index of 105 not 95F. I remember reports in Antarctica of more than 100 below in summer (wind chill F). Please let's all use real degrees whether F or C. It helps working with the standards, not what we feel. It is not to say that what we feel isn't important, but relating appropriately to all of the data is extraordinary.

I am starting to get the hang of picking up my cell in a taxi in a place like Southern Brazil to talk to someone in Europe.


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