I appreciate the phone calls and emails I have received from folks lately. It is all good.

It is Martin Luther King day. The following has taken without permission from http://www.adventistreview.org/2001-1541/story5.html

"A few years before his death, King was asked about mistakes he had made. He replied, "Well, the most pervasive mistake I have made was in believing that because our cause was just, we could be sure that the white ministers of the South, once their Christian consciences were challenged, would rise to our aid. I felt that white ministers would take our cause to the white power structures. I ended up, of course, chastened and disillusioned. As our movement unfolded, and direct appeals were made to white ministers, most folded their hands-and some even took stands against us."


I had to take a picture of the truck. It was so incredibly dirty. The equipment is in DJ's bakery. A lot of details to still take care of, a lot of them. More pictures soon.

The house picture I took in Marathon NY. Surprisingly this house is in town. Imagine if it was out in the hills.


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