Went for a hike on the Fingerlakes Trail in Hoxie Gorge this weekend. It was great. I really must make more time for that activity. The weather has been so nice. I skidded up some trees and brought firewood forward. You never know when the snow is going to come and getting the wood down to the house becomes and issue. Once it is down by the house I can cut and split.

I stopped at a bench to rest a minute during the hike and I looked up and there was a coyote just about 10 feet from me! I remember levitating up and away; it startled me so much. It was clear the coyote was not in good shape (I suspect few are). He/she was limping and sort of meandered away. It was a large one , at least as big as a German Shepard. I got the pic after I calmed down a little bit as he/she walked away. I am not sure what the fungus was.


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