I feel the need to blog everyday even though I do not. In that regard it is a lot like exercise. I have been confined to rowing. I still cannot run without real risk of injury. I like rowing and it is good for the tendon.

I had a rough week in many ways. It will get better.

We went and saw Blood Sweat and Tears Friday night at Tioga Downs. We also had the opportunity (strangely enough) to pass some time with some slot machines. We walked away with a few extra dollars minus dinner drinks and the show. It was fun. I really like a couple of those tunes. The trumpet is great. Doing stuff like that really makes a difference in my life.

I helped Douglas install a new water heater. We decided to convert to electric from LP given all the parameters.

Sunday we are off to Bainbridge NY for a political rally.

Otherwise, I painted. I hate painting. I don't hate much, but I hate painting. It is so slow and requires so much prep. There is always time/weather sensitivities which means there is only a couple-month window to paint at these latitudes. I like the finished result, however.


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