It seems like it has been raining a little bit everyday. The plane is in the shop with a bad cylinder. I am getting itchy to fly again. The Binghamton airshow is really large this year. The Blue Angles are here and all that. I will be watching from the house. I don't really care for the large airshows. The smaller ones are nicer, not all the crowds, prices and hassle.

My camera is damaged. It was in my pocket and a piece of metal flew up that I was working with and it struck me in the groin and got the camera LCD screen as well. I am not sure which got the worst of it. Time for a new camera. I bought that camera about three years ago. I can get something a lot better now for less money. I remember buying a Sony Mavica years ago (1999) for 600 bucks. I planned to have the 1-megapixel camera for 10 years. It just doesn't work that way. 5 years is about it before new features and performance render things obsolete.

We experienced yet some more rainbows. Look closely and you can see the rainbow is on the inside of the tree line. Interesting and vivid. Cameras don't do them justice.


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