After years of mowing and taking care to bring a few fields back, they are producing hay this year. My neighbor will be helping me hay a couple of my fields.

I am still working on the fussy bits of the basement wall. I have had regrets spending so much on the doors. They are very nice doors, however. They are extremely secure, tight, attractive and functional.

My Achilles Tendon is better, but I am very guarded. I can walk around ok, but when I feel it getting sore I have to stop. After having two relapses I know what happens if I don't. I go to the physical therapist twice a week. The ultrasound and the electro-stimulator definately help. I bought a new pair of boots with stiff uppers. I wear thouse when practical. It is clear the 6 month recovery time is a real number. At least I am walking around. I can't run so exercising is difficult.


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