I got some antibiotics for my cold. I am feeling so much better. I didn't even realize how bad I was feeling.

I am taking a three day weekend. I will be going to the scrap yard, geting parts for power equipment and mowing.

I had some guy show up to buy the 4 wheeler he bought off me on ebay. It was easy for me to empathize with his 4 hour drive each way. He got lost in my neighborhood. I live so far off the beaten path GPS doesn't even work. The mapping is wrong around here.

The llamas really kicked back yesterday. They were just sunning themselves groving on the scene.

Friday I had a flying lesson and my instructor and I agree that I have made great progress. I have turned a corner. There was a fly-in to Greene as well. So after my lesson we went over to the restaurant and talked aviation. I realized at that point of how nice a place it is to live around here. The word perfect came to mind.


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