It is a normal weekend I suppose. We went to a Toastmaster event in Ithaca last night. Jason and Claudia both competed in the district contests. This was the contest that culminates 2000 toastmasters from across the state. Unfortunately, neither won, but to compete at this level is certainly an achievement. The Columbian guy who won the Humorous contest was a real hoot.

I have been patrolling the woods out back with the jeep looking for hunters and getting firewood. There were no signs of hunters on opening day which was great with me. I take my camera and my note pads to capture back tags. Anyone I catch will get a ticket from the DEC. I have a bunch of firewood to process. I should have enough for this year, but you really can't have too much. Worst thing is that I will use it next year. As long as I can get out back (snow not too deep) I might as well bring it forth. It is a great excuse to spend time in the woods. Even though it was in the 20s I was down to a t-shirt working carrying small logs to the jeep.

I have been working on the electric car. I have been garnering advice from knowledable people out there. I am still looking for the right car.

Hard to believe it is Thanksgiving again already. I have been reflecting on last year's Thanksgiving which was very meaningful to me. I was alone in a tent on the polar plateau at Taylor Dome. There were about 8 people at the site (either in other tents or Jameways), scientists and laborers at the start of the ITASE Traverse. It was at least 30 below zero. I learned some new techniques for creating comfort. For example: In the morning (no such thing really cause the sun is up 24 hours a day), it is smart to take the freshy filled pee bottle and put in your boots to get them a bit closer to body temp before you stick your foot in there. And inside the tent you have to be careful to avoid hitting the tent since the vapor off my body immediately condenses and freezes on the tent and it falls in your sleeping bag etc. when it falls off the tent. I felt very alone and at the same time I did not feel alone. I knew there were people who cared about me, It made a big difference. It was what I wanted to do. I did make it out of Taylor Dome for the McMurdo Station celebrated Thanksgiving by getting a "priority travel" category since the weather was quite dodgey. What a difference. I really appreciated the station life. It reminded me of when we were coming back from Canada on our boat years ago. The weather was bad and it was cold and rough out on the Lake Ontario. When we finally made it to Sodus bay we came in between the piers and there were people in swimsuits. We still had our heavy coats on. It was close but so far. The difference was strange. It is hard to let your guard down.


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