We have been working on Rosie. She isn't sick. She just seems too stiff to get up on her own. We are giving her meds three times a day and exercising her. The photo shows how to get a llama up that has been down. We have a llama sling and sometimes they just need a pull on the sling. Other times you have to use a come-a-long and winch the animal up. This is the third llama that we have had to use the sling on. We have got of use out of it for sure. It isn't much fun but that is the kind of work you need to do when you have animals.

Today I am buying aviation books, budgeting the lessons and the plan, listing a bunch of stuff on ebay and working on my book.

The weather is nice out there. The chickens are out and they are getting lots of bugs and enjoying their freedom.


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