I am in Auckland. I have really been enjoying sampling this and that. It is like I was gone for years. It was only 4 1/2 months. It sure is hot here. It must be 75 with a gentle breeze.

I had to give back all my ECW and Big Red last night. Those pockets were some of my safest storage places. I will miss the big red.

It is really quite a treat to have some bandwidth here too.

That C-17 is really quite an aircraft. That aircraft supports the entire USAP program (except for a few C-130s) in between the one annual cargo ship. It is is a very stable aircraft. The picture of me with the C-17 is out at Pegasus runway about an hour ride out on the permanant ice via "Ivan the Terra Bus". The annual ice-runway is used until the ice goes bad and it becomes the shipping channel as it is currently being used.


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