I am at South Pole Station!

The new station is really incredible. This place is not like a building it is much more like a space ship or something. There is always a little vibration and sounds of machinery and ventalation. I am so lucky to be here in this time frame. The new station is fully inhabited and the dome is starting to get torn down this winter. I went straight away to the dome. It really is quite the structure. It stays about 60 below zero in there and the related tunnels. It only feels like -30 or so because there is no wind. None. It is extremely quiet.

I am concentrating getting my body adjusted to the physio-altitude. I ended up not taking Diamox and I am fine. I knew what it was going to be like and have taken the precautionary steps. I should be almost 100 percent today on my first full day on station. Southpole is an inside place. I have not yet gone outside, but I suspect I will tonight and get down to the actual pole. I got on the ham radio last night and talked with a couple of folks in New Zealand.

These pictures are not of the new station. They are in the connected older parts and connected dome. They will be gone soon. I lot of history is there. I have heard conflicting stories of where the dome is going to end up. Florida was one of the places. I think it would make a good night club and restaurant and you get a free meal if you ever visited it on the ice.


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