I went up to "T" Site today. "T" Site stands for "T" Site of all things. It is a restricted area. There is quite a bit of alphabet soup around here. I had to escort the AFRTS folks and fix a problem with one of the field party repeater audio lines. We had to do a little 4-wheeling through some snow to get up there. I drive very cautiously in these area (actually all areas). There are switch backs going up the hills and of course they are covered with ice, no guardrails and it is a quick trip down to the sea ice if you slide off the road. My boss is absolutely fearless I think. My driving did not phase him at all. I had some fun with some 2.4 GHz equipment today at work.

I have my sea ice training Monday it appears. I am looking forward to it.

I am settling in and finding the natural time efficiencies in getting things done at work and outside of work. Tommorow is Sunday, the day off. I am planning on going to the library and exercising.

The truck is the shop's truck. That is the one I get to drive. The other pic is near Bldg 70 (one of the small shelters) up at T-site of a couple of the many towers we use. Most of towers are old HF towers that are not used anymore.


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