I lived thru a Sunday. I spent a lot of time in the library. We watched the debut of "Emperors of the Ice" last night as part the science lecture. The producers/lecturers gave a talk as well. The documentary will be seen this coming year in the US. It is a National Geographic Special. It is pretty interesting to see a film like this one. It is all staged around McMurdo. To my eyes it isn't that exotic anymore. Don't get me wrong. I find it exciting and all that. However, it is like seeing a documentary about your family Thanksgiving day dinner. It is familiar.

I have a very busy day today. I actually got quadruple booked today with work and training. That has to get worked out this morning.

Here's me in the ham shack. I have a bit of work to do for the shack but we are going to be using 14.243 MHz USB. I will be using the station callsign KC4USV. Schedules are forthcoming.


Anonymous said…
Rats, I was on 50.125!
de K2LDT
Anonymous said…

The neighbors don't like us using 6m down here. Too much TVI. Only kidding. Howver, there was an experiment going on a few years ago and the use of 6 was banned. There probably still is a ban on it.


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