I mailed in all my Medical stuff today to become PQ'd. There was a bunch of arcane information to gather. It took a couple of weeks to get it all. It appears a lot of it would be good for research statistics not much else. For example, there is a very strange prevelance of gall bladder problems for people who winter over in Antarctica. No one knows why. Gathering additional data can help figure things out. There has been a lot to do. I have have had as many injections as trips to medical buildings. I have to thank Chris at Parkway dental and the folks over at Dr. Kennedy's for helping me get all this done when everyone else is waiting months for appointments.

I am off to San Diego Sunday for a couple of days for a conference. Thursday when I get back I have my last Dentist appt. before submitting my dental work (and xrays) for getting PQ'd.

I don't think the Resses cat is going to make it until I deploy. She is very sick. She has been taking water but nothing else. She is quite old; I remember when we got her. She was about 6 inches high. She has been a healthy spirited cat. We are all going to miss her. But she is not gone yet.

I am looking forward to the adventure. I look forward to adventures that many don't realize are adventures. They say no one comes back the same. I say no one leaves the same after being PQ'd.

The pic is from last winter with the Resses and Tioga stove-bonding.


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