It was cold this weekend; It got down to about 5 below on the farm. It was pretty windy and nasty until it got down to about zero. The cool air felt great. The wind was a pain. The llamas decided to hold up for most of it in their house until the temperature dropped and the wind calmed. They have the heater, their straw and each other.

I decided to spend some concerted effort on CAD for the property. I am getting frustrated on my lack of progress on the plan. We have lots of concepts. I have the tools; let's get it on drawings with scales, numbers and realities.

I am somewhat taken back that the GE low voltage switching system that seemed ubiquitous with remote switching is no longer made. I was relying on that stuff. I hope there is a replacement. I suspect there is.

I have been getting a Debian (linux) machine going in the ham shack. My common sense and "off the cuff" realization continues to be that Linux is unix but since there is no real "paper trail" (talk about a hold-over) of information theft it is good to go. Bravo. Think what this means with emerging societies since often they don't have have the same sense of information ownership as us. As pragmatic testimony, at least they are getting unix not winders. I hope (and have hope they do) the people making these deals have a clue.

The following pic I titled, "When we don't fit in."

This pic is titled, "Too much coffee in the woods"


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