I am working on my final exam for "Value of Investments." In this class I learned some sophisticated means to analyze corporations to determine value. The models get complex, so complex; I think they teeter on chaos. I have learned a lot and can immediately apply what I have learned to work and home. I expect the final will take me between 24 and 32 hours to complete.

The following pics are from a vacation we took in 2000. We went through New Orleans and then up the redneck Riviera in Biloxi and then to Florida and the Suwannee river. That is Franklin and Bonnie down by the old Suwannee. We rented a cabin on the shore. I was thinking that that area hit so hard with the hurricanes this past year will never be the same. Not that anything ever stays the same, but I you have to imagine the sudden change will be lasting.


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