I found a good quote today.

"Risk is the precursor to learning. Courage is the precursor of risk."

I find the preceeding quote to be very profound. "Just like the llamas that are cautious where they drink their water. So should humans, where they get there knowledge. Often humans emblazonly extoll truth that they obtained from a turbid pond."

Life is ok today, complex but ok. I mowed a couple of acres maybe, but the tractor is losing power after an hour. It is not water temp related. I have to do some research. The fields I mowed once last year are absolutely beautiful this year. They are all wildflowers. Some are green grasses, some are other colors and shapes. There are no weeds, only misplaced plants.

The weather this week has been fantastic. Today there was a huge barn fire in Triangle. The smoke went straight up and stayed there.


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