I turned in my midterm exam, 14 pages of financial analysis. I am optimistic. I spent quite a bit of time on it, that is for sure. Some things still don't make total sense. It is those pesky things that help you to learn though.

This Tuesday we have a Berkshire town meeting in regards to our new "Road Preservation Law." Wednesday we are having the Tioga County planning board meeting in Berkshire. We have a couple pieces of business I need to review beforehand.

I took a couple of hours off yesterday. Douglas's friend Jamie came down with a vintage snowmobile (Bought as scrap metal). They spent all day Saturday and Friday night cruising around the property. I took it around for awhile and did some jumps and stuff. It was kinda nice getting around so easily in the deep snow that would be very difficult to get to otherwise. The property is faring winter well (what else would it do?) It was a good distraction from school. It is inane fun. It all turns to work as compulsion takes hold.

The animals are well and the higher temperature today boosted their animal spirits.

Click pic for video


Anonymous said…
What did they pay for that snowmobile? Do you get any lake effect at all down there? Do you get as much snow as Rochester?

How often do your chickens lay eggs?
G MIlls | 03.14.05 - 4:18 pm | #

Anonymous said…

The chickens lay eggs as often as they want to. I am getting about 3 eggs a day. I have a chicken (identified) that needs to be culled from the flock. She has been breaking eggs. She is a criminal and must be removed from the chicken society.

We get snow measured in feet. A foot here, a foot there. It can really add up over time.
Anonymous | 03.15.05 - 8:28 pm | #

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