I need to fix the archive issue with my blog. I really have to add the RSS feeds. (blah blah blah more projects Argghh!!!?/ ). I probably should drop out of school and devote more time to the web world. I see some cool stuff to get going. How things change. Earlier in my life I would drop out to pursue things. Now, I stay in not to pursue things. It is priorities, basic priorities.

I will have to start posting more pictures soon. There is so much happening.

I just got a chill. Bonnie says that happens when someone walks on your grave.

It is windy and cold out there. It was 50 Above yesterday. I really hate the wind (so do the llamas). It seems that wind is one of Mother Nature's recycling devices. First from the north for 12 hours then from the south for 12 hours. We give up already.


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