I have been racking my brain trying to get some GE Phoenix radios reprogrammed for the ham bands. No wonder I don't work as a software engineer.

Things have been pretty quiet. My new computer is working pretty well. It is a lot to get used to again though since I am not using "classic mode".

I got the tire fixed on the tractor. It was a bead leak. Duane (KB0VIW) showed me a few tricks when working with tires. Bonnie and I had turkey for dinner on new year's day and we made some pea soup to freeze. I made a connection with a guy who is going to look through my radio stuff to buy what he wants. I am concentrating on trying to keep only the stuff I really want. The stuff that I can replace can go. I need to get rid of stuff either by selling it on eBay or putting it in the trash.

I got my big orchard heater working that I bought at auction a while back. Now I can use that in the milkhouse. It has been proven to be safe enough.

I am looking for a new truck and a dump trailer. I plan on sending out some RFQs today. I figure that is the best way to get a good deal. There really is no way to get the upper hand with a car dealer, but taking steps to minimze the difference in positions is worthwhile.

I am headed to Canada this week for work. Next week I am in Albany for work. I may be traveling more by the end of the month as well.

I have been messing around with my new setup with the TV in the computer. The movie download is kind of large. I am still figuring this stuff out.


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