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eBay item 3811858324 (Ends Apr-29-04 23:36:31 PDT) - Sony Mavica FD83 The property looks like a bomb went off. I rented an excavator and I dug 500 feet of ditch for drainage, phone, power service entrance, a street light and so on. It will take me a while to get the conduit and utilities all in there. I have almost 200 feet covered up... but the next 300 is a bit more work. Jeff is coming down this weekend for turkey hunting.
In Praise of Our Pets, "I'm Still Here" Fawna is gone. When you put a pet down it seems every experience you have had comes back to you regarding death. RIP
After e-mail chit chatting with Nostril in Japan while he is at work I decided I like this photo. I am living an old movie where boys town is not just a place but a place where we can sing and put on great shows and really get along swell !
The camera scene has not improved. This is an opportunity for different senses. Make sure you have your sound on. You have to do things a little different here so pay attention. Deep-linking is not allowed by the folks who control music information (web-nazis). Do the following: 1. Select File>>New>>Window from your browser pull down menus. 2. Cut and paste the following line into the Address box on your Browser. Press Enter . I can hear my dad saying " Chuckle Chuckle... I'm Sorry, But that is not music. Ahh.... Really, It's..s just PLAIN not music. Sorry. Whatt?/ I can agree in this case.. The band is "Get Fucked" the piece is: "Tires Tires Globally" : Level Plane Records, 2004. I suspect a band with that name is not trying to get friends as much as it is trying to get attention. The piece definitely has a message of primitive e
Elance - Home Mom was down from Rochester. She brought a five pound cheesecake. We didn't get as much done as I hoped. I never do. The weather was pretty good. However, having to mentally deal with Fauna is a strain. I am to take more time off this week. I need it for time and time away. The pigs have noticeably grown already. I would have a picture posted, but the camera crapped out again. I have a bid in on one like it on ebay. Hopefully I get the one I am bidding on tonight. Camera on ebay
MetalWorld -- Scrap Metal Recycling Section I went to the scrap yard today. I got about 60 bucks for the crap that would normally be thrown away. It is a new scrap yard. I have never been to it before. They were pleasant (for a scrap yard) and fair (for a scrap yard). I did a few other things. I am making a auto waterer for the pigs, I boiled down more birch sap, lubed the tractor...22 grease fittings, all in impossible spots. I think I relaxed a little too. Marv and his wife Donna came over to meet the professor and his freinds. I took them for a drive around the property and showed them our world. It was nice. Fauna is not better, only worse. She did not come out of her house today. We are waiting to hear back from Cornell on whether they want her for research. The chicks are happy. The weather was great. It was a day off.
Shebeen Cookie: Birthday From Hell Well it is almost over. It really wasn't as bad as it could have been. But, I can tell you certainly, I have had to really work at getting over the emotions of some scenes. Some of the things I am witnessning are unbelievable. I am thinking that they are making be better and smarter. I hope I can use these lessons for greater good. That must be the focus. You will never know for sure. That is why there is faith. I am 43 today.
Alpaca Forum at AlpacaNation Work has been tough on me lately. I am jam packed with meetings all day tommorrow. I have something going on in the evening from 6:00 to 9:30 and I have to get to work early to take care of some projects. It is going to be a long day... on top of that it is my birthday. This does not sound like the way you would want to spend your birthday. I will get up at 5:30 get to work before 7:00 work to at least 5:00, drive to Owego and get home at close to 10:00 pm. Is there something in this for me? "I don't know. I really don't know." Then he asks, "Why are you doing it?" The answer is, "I don't know. I really don't know." We have talked to the vet about putting Fauna down. If my birthday wasn't jam packed with hostile meetings and other crap we would probably do it then. Life sucks right now. What we do with the body is a significant issue. It appears she should be put down with the other animals so they c
Google News We noticed a large wound on fauna's hip yesterday. It was covered by wool till now, but it came apparent yesterday. The vet came and said it was a bed sore, a deep one. Now we have something else to nurse back to health besides her still unknown ailment. We are talking with some folks out west who are having similar problems with their llamas... no one seems to know what this is... it is a mystery to the vets and to the owners. Hopefully, these folks will be able collect enough information from llama owners and the case can be determined.
The following was sent to Frank Choltko-Devlin after he gave his two week's notice as an instructional designer at work. Don't be a stranger. One of the great experiences of my working life has been staying in touch with people I have gotten to know at work after our directions have parted.
Linux on a Badger I feel pretty crappy. Don't know why. I just am. My cousin is moving closeby. It turns out she got a job as a doctor at an Ithaca hospital. It is weird how we have ended up in the same place in the world. She is from Maine originally. I hear they have some lambs on their new property. My Aunt is coming to live with them as well. Weird. "Let's all congregate in between cities in central new york."
Raytheon Polar Services Company - Supporting the United States Antarctic Program Well, I got the pigs. They are 13 weeks old and weigh in at 25 lbs each. And they do not and will not have names. I will put them in the freezer in the fall. I need to make an appointment with the butcher way in advance I am told. My camera seems to be broken again. I will have to see if I can repair it. We had quite a bit of snow the other day. I had drifts about a foot high. I boiled down my birch sap. Five gallons of sap yielded about 4 ozs of syrup.
Welcome to Laugh Lab I won second place in the area 11 speech contest. The neighbor stopped by to tell us we can fish in his pond across the street. It is a nice pond with lots of fish.
Google News I won the speech contest yesterday. Now I am in the area 11 contest this weekend. I hope I win there. The competition can get kinda tough there. If I win there, I may win at the district level. I have some birch sap. Hopefully I can boil some down this weekend. I also have to get the pig pen built 'cause I pick up two pigs on Sunday. I have never had pigs before. Life is a series of stuff I never did before.