About birch sap and pollen allergy

It is a nice warm morning. I suspect it is in the 50s! I can see fawn struggling to get around down in the llama pen. She is working at it. I am about to go back and collect birch sap. I will probably get some firewood as well. Also on the list today is working on my competition speech. I have been at work manning the printer for the big job we have going. We got a 19 hour shift out of the machine yesterday. Today we will have at least 8 hours. Farm school was pretty good yesterday. I need to take a day off and make some phone calls and otherwise decompress. I find it strange that I take my job as seriously as I do. No one else does. So why should I? My accounting class is over. That class really put a drag on me. I learned a lot, but it felt like I had a tire around my neck. I have decided not to enroll in a class this summer. I just have too much other stuff on the plate, including: new roof on house, barn work, drainage work, llama trek work, toastmasters, forestry work, tractor work, and other project work.


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