It is LD-7 and April fools day. The llamas are getting a little more comfortable around us, but not much. I have all, but Fawn, eating grain from my hand. They are wary of the grabs that may follow. They are fun, no doubt about it. They were doing the llamadance the other day a little bit. I must get a video clip of that. It is really something different. The long necks and front legs set-back give them an interesting center of gravity. They buck and playfully kick while moving their necks in a weird undulation. It is a happy dance no doubt. We are starting to get more systematic on training the animals. It will be great if we can get them all halter trained this summer. It is 12 degrees in Berkshire this morning and we have a complete snow covering for the last two days. The llamas hunker down in their house and we have the water heater keepng their water liquid. We deliver them hay a few times a day and of course their precious grain. Will winter go away this year?

I am still working on my life plan. Work has been very stressful lately, more than usual. Do you take a stand? Do you ride the flow? What has been said in conference rooms shut tight? Are the assumptions right? I know the best position is to keep myself as honest as I can to people around me and especially to myself. I try very hard to do exactly that.


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