Kelley Blue Book - Used Car Bluebook Values and New Car Pricing

There is a pickup truck being auctioned off by the town of Berkshire. I like these sealed bid things. You can actually get a decent deal through these sometimes. I am going to ask my friend Jeff if he is interested. I think he is looking for a new truck.

We had an organizational restructure announced yesterday at work. It certainly appears that this will not open any doors for me personally or my career. I look at my career in a two-fold light; those items in my control (personal development and investments of time) and those items that are not in my control. The items I consider out of my control are fixed attitudes and values of senior management, history and what I call "winds aloft".

I was looking through my bookshelves of manuals the other night looking for the one a guy in Oregon wants to buy. While searching I ran into a manual that had "send off comments" in it from a place I resigned from a few years back. There was a theme in the comments that indicated that I was liked and respected. I felt good when I read them.

Although I was not denied a promotion or anything that grave I am often amazed at who gets promoted. Reverse engineering the decision tree really gets ugly.


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