Pics from Around Town (Duluth GA)

Some random pics from the last few days.

--My metal roof is now installed. Quite durable and breaks me out of the stupidity of having an asphalt/fiberglass shingled roof. Many years in the thinking/planning. Now done.

--A nasty looking black coyote in the back yard. He is looking for the many deer fawns this year no doubt. He can smell them in the back yard. I see them everyday.

--Burlwood. Part of the sawmill fun. A white oak tree we dissected has a number of nice burls. Great for turning into bowls on a wood lathe.

--Some of the deer friends I see every day.

--Grace and Jewel posing for a photo.

--A red shouldered hawk out from my office

--A Norfolk Southern crew change in Duluth GA. They occasionally do crew changes in Duluth. Nice to see it with a Union Pacific lead loco.


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